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You're not alone on your weight loss journey

  • 14 Mar 2023
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You’re not alone on your weight journey

At Terry White Chemmart Plumpton, we know weight loss isn’t always easy. It’s a uniquely
personal journey that requires the right support, products and lifestyle changes. And it’s certainly
not a one-size fits all approach!

But you’re not alone on your weight loss journey. We are here to support you with expert advice
and a range of tasty and nutritious weight loss products and scientifically-formulated meal
replacement programs to help kick-start your weight loss.

Our pharmacists take the time to understand your lifestyle, health, routine and your weight goals
Seeking the help of a qualified professional can help in achieving a healthy weight, tips to help
maintain it, and lead to a stronger body, more energy and greater quality of life. All-round benefits
Our pharmacists ensure they have the full picture, before recommending products or a weight
loss plan that’s realistic, achievable, and tailored specifically to you.

Speak to one of the Pharmacists at Terry White Chemmart Plumpton or visit the Terry White
Chemmart website for more information!