Before NSW introduced the Return and Earn scheme, more than 160 million drink containers littered our streets, beaches, waterways and parks. Drink container litter made up 44 per cent of the volume of litter in the state and cost more than $162 million a year to manage.

The Return and Earn container deposit scheme is a NSW Government initiative funded by contributions from the beverage industry. It offers a 10c refund to consumers for depositing eligible drink containers at return points across NSW.

Since launching on 1 December 2017, the scheme has collected billions of containers through its 600+ return points and has helped reduce the volume of eligible drink container litter across the state and continues to be a phenomenal recycling success story with measurable economic, social and environmental outcomes.

How does Return and Earn work?

1. Collect eligible containers

Find out which containers can be returned through Return and Earn for 10 cents each.

2. Take containers to our return point at Plumpton Marketplace

Located in the car park near KFC

3. Get your refund or donate

Every eligible container is worth 10c. You can keep the refund or donate it to a worthy cause.