Uniquely Yours: Christmas Desserts Done Differently

If you’re looking for unique Christmas desserts for your feast this year, we have some fun, tasty and creative ideas that mean you’ll be able to keep the whole family happy this year.

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  • 1 Sep 2023
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For your kind of Christmas cravings, we’ve put together a collection of mouthwatering dessert ideas that will add to your unique Christmas feast. Whether you're a chocolate lover, a traditionalist who can't resist a classic pudding, or you're celebrating in the scorching summer heat and need something cool and refreshing, we've got you covered. 

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A chocolatey heaven

For all the chocoholics, Christmas wouldn't be complete without a generous dose of cocoa goodness. The Chocolate Yule Log is a classic Christmas dessert that combines rich, moist chocolate cake with creamy chocolate ganache. Roll it up and decorate it however you like! We suggest chocolate sauce drizzled on top, shavings of dark and white chocolate or a simple dusting of icing sugar. 

Make a lovely Yule Log using this delicious recipe.

Customisable mini cheesecakes

Looking for a crowd-pleaser that’s super quick and easy to make? Mini cheesecakes are the answer. These individual-sized treats are simple to make and fun to customise. Whether you prefer classic cheesecake, chocolate swirl, or fruit-topped variations, they're sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth – without the hassle of making several large desserts. And the best thing is, there’s no cooking involved at all. 

Learn how to make a no bake cheesecake with the help of Taste.  

Christmas cookie decorating

Get the little ones involved in the Christmas dessert-making fun with a cookie decorating session. Bake a batch of cookies in festive shapes like stars, trees, and reindeer, and set up a decorating station with colourful icing, sprinkles, and edible glitter. This is a delightful activity that adds a personal touch to your Christmas dessert spread and keeps the kids occupied while you wrap their presents. If you’re in need of some new cookie cutters, head to Big W to stock up. 

For a great cookie recipe check out Taste.  

Build your own pavlova

Most Aussies would argue it’s not Christmas without a pav — and we agree. This year, use the pavlova as a blank canvas and encourage your guests to adorn their slice or individual meringue with whatever their heart desires. Think berries, passionfruit, chocolate shavings, citrus slices, whipped cream, nuts, toffee shards or sticky vanilla sugar syrup. The contrast of melt-in-your-mouth meringue loaded up with fruits and other sweet delights is pure bliss on a hot day.

Want the perfect pav? Check our Coles for a fantastic recipe.  

Christmas pudding fondue

If you're a fan of tradition and nostalgia, then Christmas pudding will be your go-to dessert. This boozy, fruity favourite can be made ahead of time or bought in a store to save time and effort. But this year, do it differently by cutting your pud into cubes and serving it with three delicious bowls to dip it into — brandy sauce, chocolate ganache and rich vanilla cream — just like an old-school 70s fondue.

Make your pud from scratch with this traditional recipe from Woolworths.  

Say cheese (and other stuff)!

If you’re not such a sweet tooth, or just want to do dessert your way this Christmas, then we suggest something like a savoury grazing plate. Complete with everthing from Italian salami and Spanish jamon to French brie and a colourful selection of dips. Drizzle some honey over a handful of nuts and fruit and your guests will be very impressed!

Try our this Woolworths recipe for inspiration when putting together your grazing platter.

Try a different Christmas dessert this year and indulge like never before — we promise it will be a hit. Head into Plumpton Marketplace and visit Woolworths, Big W, Fruit World and Dollar Avenue, where you can find everything you need to recreate these unique Christmas desserts at home.  

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