Meet Ryhia Dank from Nardurna | Plumpton Marketplace

Meet Ryhia Dank, the talented Gudanji/Wakaja First Nations artist behind Nardurna, the campaign artwork for The Good Day Collective.

  • 23 May 2024
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The Good Day Collective is all about being good, kind and caring to people, our community and the planet. That's why we commissioned Ryhia Dank, the talented Gudanji/Wakaja artist behind Nardurna, to create campaign artwork that captures the essence of modern life combined with a deeper environmental and cultural narrative. Her work encourages us to reflect, connect and find joy in everyday moments.

Using colour, symbols and patterns, Rhyia created a vibrant series of artwork that reflects our core values at Plumpton Marketplace. Her designs highlight our commitment to connection, environmental sustainability, social impact, our Reconciliation Action Plan and creating places where communities thrive. 

Behind the name Nardurna

As part of the Good Yarns series, Rhyia shared that "Nardurna" means “women” in her language. The name is inspired by the story of three women who embarked on a long journey from the ocean to create Gudanji Nation - the land nestled in fresh water and hill country of the Northern Territory tablelands. 

She explains that the three lines in her branding represent the three women who created her place and people. “My painting is storywork. Gudanji/Wakaja people told stories through pattern and design and that is what I am doing through my art."

Furthering her connection to her heritage, Rhyia named her studio "Yardi Haus." In Gudanji, "Yardi" means to make or create, and "Haus" reflects her father's German/European heritage, embodying a space where creativity knows no bounds. Whether it’s painting, dancing or simply being, Yardi Haus is a tribute to creativity and expression. 

Collaborating with The Good Day Collective

Working closely with our team, Rhyia crafted a compelling series of artworks titled Together, Nurture, Tools, Memories and Gather. Each piece interweaves symbols that capture the essence of everyday life, community and culture, reflecting the core values of The Good Day Collective. 

Rhyia shared that she wanted to put a spin on the design, sharing that within the piece, there are bits and pieces of what we use every day. "My intention was to capture the essence of everyday life in the artwork, while also encouraging people to carve out time for personal enjoyment and relaxation in their future."

"I aimed to reflect daily life in my art but also to infuse a sense of leisure and relaxation, prompting viewers to remember to take time for personal enjoyment."

Her inspiration for getting involved with the project stemmed from the isolation everyone experienced during COVID. "I think it's just all about getting outside and enjoying people's company. Life's too short," Rhyia reflects. This perspective influenced her to create art that encourages engagement and appreciation of the present moment.  

Rhyia’s artwork doesn’t just depict community and culture—it also draws attention to the importance of the seemingly small but significant elements of life. Through traditional symbolism, her artwork explores themes including growth, health, knowledge, history, storytelling, journeys, environmental stewardship and the joy of living in the present moment.  

Her collaboration with The Good Day Collective has not only produced visually stunning artwork but also pieces that resonate deeply with our mission to foster caring, kindness and giving back to the community. Through her unique artwork, Ryhia Dank invites us to pause, reflect, and enjoy the simple joys of being together.   



This pattern spins around the little but mighty things in life. Growing, keeping your health, soaking up knowledge, sneaking in some 'me time,' scheming for the future, and savouring the sweetness of the here and now.



Navigate with care as you embark on your journey, showing admiration to the land that envelops you. Pause for moments of rest, let the calmness of the terrain permeate your soul, and in this peaceful setting, discover solace and draw inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds you.



These tools have a rich history, spanning more than 65,000 years, and continue to be utilized in the present day.



This pattern is about people coming together from over the land and across the sea, sharing stories, culture and food.



Coolamons serve versatile roles, collecting food, holding items, transporting hot coals, and cradling 
infants to sleep. Crafted from robust yet lightweight timber, they come in various sizes, each a testament to their functional diversity.

Art as a form of expression and environmental advocacy

Rhyia believes that art is an important form of expression and connection to community and environment. Despite her initial doubts about starting her artistic journey, she acknowledges the crucial role it plays in shaping personal and community identity, saying "It’s for your community and it’s for your family. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks." 

Beyond the canvas, Rhyia is an environmental advocate caring for Country through "Gudanji For Country," a group opposing fracking in the ecologically and culturally important Birloo Basin. Rhyia believes, "If the land is sick, the people and animals are sick," highlighting the crucial connection between the health of the land and the wellbeing of its people. 

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